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GGRocket – blockchain powered trustless virtual economy and AI driven big data analytics for the gaming industry
Monetize data. Prevent fraud. Scale businesses.

Exchange rate: 1 GGR = 0.1 USD

Time until next token price raise:

Accepted payment:         

The product is made by in-game trading community

GGRocket rating on listings

Rating: 4.6
Rating: 5

Media about us

With GGRocket, the virtual gaming economy is about to be positively disrupted with AI, eradicating in-game fraud and boosting revenues of businesses

At the heart of GGRocket lie the principles of a decentralised network of clients and pro-gamers that can securely and trustlessly exchange in-game goods and services for real world assets. The entire virtual ecosystem will be built on top of the proprietary GG Chain, which in turn connects participants to smart contracts and decentralised applications. Read more

Problems and our solution


Costly processes in business

To analyse their customers and automate processes trading platforms has to work with gaming data which is always limited by game developers


The payments for in-game assets and services using cryptocurrency now implies a refund only according to seller's will


Target advertising

Our neural network analysing gaming profiles of players and makes predictions about their upcoming purchases

Decentralised arbitrage of disputes

Escrow service with smart contract that allows to call for the Juries in case if you want to dispute the payment


— Raise sale up to 40%
— Decrease cost by 15%


— Get rewarded for in-game trading experience
— Trade Safely


Ecosystem: Participants of GGRocket ecosystem can spend and earn tokens as they provide services or sell in-game goods and services, or feed the GG-Robot with data. The GGRocket blockchain ecosystem will change how the gaming marketplaces work and will open the doors for direct advertising for in-game goods and services.



Token Sale

Token name GGR
Emmission 300 000 000
Softcap $3 000 000
Hardcap $15 000 000

Time until next token price raise:

Current price: 1 GGR = $ 0.1 Till 15.08
Next price 1 GGR = $ 0.125 From: 16.08
Next price 1 GGR = $ 0.15 From: 30.10
50% token sale
21% stabilisation fund
15% team share
(lock-up for 2 years)
8% bonuses
5% advisors share (lock-up for 6 months)
0.5% airdrop
0.5% bounty

Funds Allocation

Number of games4
Number of partners12
Number of countries22
Supported by
$550 000


Alexey Belyankin
CEO & Founder. Business development
Founded - escrow service & teamfinder for coaching and boost services in online games. Company grew up from $0 to $1.000.000 revenue in 2017. Participant of biggest in Europe startup accelerator – IIDF. Worked with oil deposits data in Gazprom company. #1 escrow services provider on the gaming community with 26 million users. Was in the top 0.1% of players in the official ratings of Blizzard WoW from 2011 to 2013.
Jeremy Khoo
Chief Marketer
International business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. Was one of the best sellers at in-game trading in Diablo 2. He is currently Group CEO of retail conglomerate iFashion Group and is co-leading MC Payment's public listing on the SGX. Jeremy is heavily involved in blockchain projects and has been instrumental in the sale of more than USD100M in tokens for 8 companies.
Ankur Maheshwari
Blockchain Development Teamlead
Ankur comes with more than 15 years of experience in software development. As the Director of Research at Techracers, he has been leading development of multiple products on blockchain like,,,, etc. His experience varies, starting with setting up of entire new engineering and product teams, to leading a geographically distributed and cross-functional team of 100+ developers.
Viсtoria Lipatova
5 years experience in strategic development. Past: leading specialist of strategic development department at Rosatom and Strategy & Operations at KPMG. Education: National Research University- Higher School of Economics.
Coco Ong
PR Manager
She is currently the Marketing Chief at Novum Capital. Prior to this, Coco led an events team in GaiGai Pte Ltd, the fastest growing dating agency in Singapore, where she marketed and executed over 100 events to date. She is also experienced in content marketing in Paktor Pte Ltd.
Alexander Yurganov
CTO & Co-founder. Development and technical architecture
Gold medalist in mathematics and programming competitions. Managed development in Academstudio – biggest russian development studios. Raised the $ 300k grant from Microsoft Creator of Legionfarm and Mmoguard gaming marketplaces
Denis Bondarenko
Machine learning developer
Working with Big Data since 2002. Developed machine learning algorithms for $ billion companies such as Russian Railways, RosAtom, RosFinMonitoring. Experience in Blockchain development.
Ivan Sankov
Data scientist
Department of Applied Mathematics of the MMF NSU. Won the S.L. Sobolev scholarship in differential equations and equations of mathematical physics. Russian mathematical competitions gold winner. 8 years experience in developing and Big Data algorithms.
Emin Aliekperov
dApp Product manager & Co-founder
More than 7 years' experience in marketing. Proficient in introducing niche b2c projects with traffic of 300+ thousand users to the CIS market. Experience in building marketing, sales and development departments. Participant of the IIDF startup acceleration program.
Sergey Manokhin
Back-end Developer
More than 5 years of experience in full-stack web development. Developed projects of varying degrees of complexity, from promotional websites to CRM-systems and banking business solution.
Irwin Chee
Investor Relations
Irwin was Co-founder at Rimu Group, a venture capital fund with a portfolio of 4 acquisitions and 2 exits. An early investor in ICOs such as NXT, ANS, STRAT, and SNT. Irwin is now the Managing Consultant of Novum Capital, specializing in Blockchain Applications, ICO Consultancy and Investor Relations. To date, ICO projects that he has managed have sold tokens in excess of USD $100M.
Stasy Galgashova
Investor & Public Relations
Worked at Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) for two years as a regional manager and has an experience in accounting and marketing in A-Round startups.

Advisory board

Michael Kim
CEO & Founder of CoinInside
Former executive of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming, and Havok
Kirill Chuvakov
Product manager GOSU.AI