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GGRocket blockchain protocol is creating a multi-billion dollar data-driven gaming economy

GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol designed for the gaming universe. Protocol rewards Developers and Users for collecting gamers’ transactions, verifying identities and targeting promotions through AI.

GGRocket will allow a myriad of dApps to be built for use by publishers and marketplaces looking to achieve more conversions out of their marketing spend, and will allow Users to be rewarded for their data, creating more democratic and transparent ecosystem.

Proof of Data

Rewards dApps for recording gamer’s data on blockchain

Proof of Trade

Rewards users for recording their trading data on blockchain

Proof of Judgement

Rewards community members for resolving trading disputes

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Challenges of the gaming industry

Publishers and marketplaces lose billions of dollars on ineffective advertisement
Gamers’ data is distributed among private centralized storages on different platforms
Gamers have rights to share their history of purchases and break the barrier for data sharing, but they do not understand the value of their own data
AI and Big Data developers are ready to bring value to the industry with their Apps, but can’t get enough data
Gaming communities and eSports platforms can’t find effective ways to monetize their user base
In game scams are losing gamers millions of dollars due to a lack of tools

GGRocket Infrastructure

Third party dApps
GG Protocol
Third party Decentralized Applications
Services provided by GGRocket: Wallet, RPC, Event handler
The blockchain built on GG Protocol Stores transactions history and smart contracts
Sets the rules defining the work of the blockchain

Blockchain characteristics

DPoS consensus
Hybrid encryption for data privacy
IPFS for decentralised data storage
POT, POJ, POD implemented at
protocol level
Parallel chains communication for unlimited throughput

GGRocket ecosystem

Gamer dApp developer Publisher / marketplace Gaming community / eSports platform
  • Use dApps to easily record purchases to your blockchain ID and earn tokens
  • Encrypt your data, open access to it in one click and get paid by advertisers
  • Use tokens to safely purchase gaming assets, services, activation keys, gaming devices and more
  • Become a judge and earn tokens for disputes resolution between other players and sellers

Our dApps


Authorize your gaming profile in one click. Robot will show you the list of your purchases. Make corrections if you found something wrong. Register or login into GG wallet. Connect this data to your ID and earn tokens by “Proof of Data”. Encrypt your personal data with easy-to use tools and set up price for it. Get paid with tokens by advertisers and see only relevant ads.

GG-Robot data marketplace

Find your target audience. Buy users’ information in one click. Use special tools for effective advertising.


Decentralize your marketplace with GG-Guard. Allow your users to trade gaming assets and services between each other with smart contracts created automatically or crafted with SDKs. To resolve disputes between users, pull of randomly selected high-rated community members will be connected.
Collect data about specific trade or customer’s history of purchases with the help of special dApp tools: API analysis or Video Recognition AI algorithm (if game has no API). This will allow you to bring transparency into the process of arbitrage and additionally monetize data of your audience in any game.



Alexey Belyankin
CEO. Business development
Founded - escrow service & teamfinder for coaching and boost services in online games. Company grew up from $0 to $1.000.000 revenue in 2017. Participant of biggest in Europe startup accelerator – IIDF. Worked with oil deposits data in Gazprom company. #1 escrow services provider on the gaming community with 26 million users. Was in the top 0.1% of players in the official ratings of Blizzard WoW from 2011 to 2013.
Jeremy Khoo
Chief Marketer
International business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. Was one of the best sellers at in-game trading in Diablo 2. He is currently Group CEO of retail conglomerate iFashion Group and is co-leading MC Payment's public listing on the SGX. Jeremy is heavily involved in blockchain projects and has been instrumental in the sale of more than USD100M in tokens for 8 companies.
Max Gravitt
Max is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience working in high tech roles for organizations of all, including Intel, SAS Institute, and Burt’s Bees. Now he is the Application Architect in OpenCrowd. In 2018, Max began working on EOS and dApps development. Max was chosen by to serve as a mentor at the first EOS Hackathon in Hong Kong.
Viсtoria Lipatova
5 years experience in strategic development. Past: leading specialist of strategic development department at Rosatom and Strategy & Operations at KPMG. Education: National Research University- Higher School of Economics.
Ankur Maheshwari
Blockchain Development Teamlead
Ankur comes with more than 15 years of experience in software development. As the Director of Research at Techracers, he has been leading development of multiple products on blockchain like,,,, etc. His experience varies, starting with setting up of entire new engineering and product teams, to leading a geographically distributed and cross-functional team of 100+ developers.
Alexander Yurganov
Lead developer. Development and technical architecture
Gold medalist in mathematics and programming competitions. Managed development in Academstudio – biggest russian development studios. Raised the $ 300k grant from Microsoft Creator of Legionfarm and Mmoguard gaming marketplaces
Faith Liew
Project manager
An executive at both the iFashion Group and Novum Capital where she helps to develop the ecosystem that covers all key vertical markets and customer segments. Is experienced in managing the relations between the different subsidiaries under the retail conglomerate and the overall project management of the ICOs and fundraising.
Denis Bondarenko
Machine learning developer
Working with Big Data since 2002. Developed machine learning algorithms for $ billion companies such as Russian Railways, RosAtom, RosFinMonitoring. Experience in Blockchain development.
Ivan Sankov
Data scientist
Department of Applied Mathematics of the MMF NSU. Won the S.L. Sobolev scholarship in differential equations and equations of mathematical physics. Russian mathematical competitions gold winner. 8 years experience in developing and Big Data algorithms.
Emin Aliekperov
dApp Product manager
More than 7 years' experience in marketing and product management. Experienced in developing and implementing product solutions within the product and creating products from scratch. Built a map of the development of the production stages including budgeting, financial forecast, marketing strategy, and monetization. Participant of the IIDF startup acceleration program.
Irwin Chee
Investor Relations
Irwin was Co-founder at Rimu Group, a venture capital fund with a portfolio of 4 acquisitions and 2 exits. An early investor in ICOs such as NXT, ANS, STRAT, and SNT. Irwin is now the Managing Consultant of Novum Capital, specializing in Blockchain Applications, ICO Consultancy and Investor Relations. To date, ICO projects that he has managed have sold tokens in excess of USD $100M.
Stasy Galgashova
Investor & Public Relations
Worked at Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) for two years as a regional manager and has an experience in accounting and marketing in A-Round startups.
Coco Ong
PR Manager
Coco led an events team in GaiGai Pte Ltd, the fastest growing dating agency in Singapore, where she marketed and executed over 100 events to date. She is also experienced in content marketing in Novum Capital and Paktor Pte Ltd.

Advisory board

Michael Kim
CEO & Founder of CoinInside
Former executive of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming, and Havok

Michael has worked in multinational game and IT companies like Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming and Havok. He successfully took various responsibilities in marketing, sales, business development and management position for more than 18 years. In 2017, he established private company named CoinInside to enter cryptocurrency industry. Michael Kim is working on GG Rocket partnership strategy and connections with key gaming and crypto market players.
Youngsup Ha
Founder of ABLEX Co., co-founder of Itemmania Co.

Mr. Ha is a founder of ABLEX Co., which is one of the leading companies in Blockchain and Fintech market of South Korea. Before establishing ABLEX, he served 15 years as a co-founder of Itemmania Co., the largest online game trading company in South Korea. He has extensive experience in IT and gaming industry. Mr. Ha consults GG Rocket on implementing blockchain to the trading part of GG Rocket ecosystem in order to make it the most friendly trading ecosystem for all the participants. Also he helps to scale the net of GG Rocket trading partners that are connected to the ecosystem.
Kirill Chuvakov
Product manager GOSU.AI

Kirill is creating one of the fastest-growing products for gaming data analysis - With an impressive background in the gaming industry, Kirill is one of the most experienced persons in the industry when it comes to working with gaming data. Kirill helps GG Rocket to build the product according to the market needs.


Media about us

With GGRocket, the virtual gaming economy is about to be positively disrupted with AI, eradicating in-game fraud and boosting revenues of businesses

At the heart of GGRocket lie the principles of a decentralised network of clients and pro-gamers that can securely and trustlessly exchange in-game goods and services for real world assets. The entire virtual ecosystem will be built on top of the proprietary GG Chain, which in turn connects participants to smart contracts and decentralised applications. Read more